Resource Consent Renewal

All discharges of domestic wastewater need resource consent under the Resource Management Act and the Tasman Resource Management Plan. Contact us to determine if you require a renewal and by when.

Resource consents for discharges are time limited and expire. You must apply to renew your consent before that happens. 

This is because how well your system works changes over time, new technology emerges, and the state of the receiving environment can change. When you apply to renew, these can be evaluated.

How to Renew
Wastewater Design have three professionals recognised by the Tasman District Council as operating in the Nelson-Tasman region preparing renewal applications. Your renewal application must include an on-site wastewater management system evaluation report done by a suitably qualified professional like ourselves. 

We will do a stocktake on how your existing system is working, and identify what maintenance or upgrades are needed to keep it performing over the lifetime of any replacement consent. 

Lodge your Replacement Consent Application at least 6 months before expiry
When your replacement consent application is lodged affects whether you can continue to rely on the old consent if Council has not made a decision on the replacement consent at the expiry date. It is best to do this at least 6 months before expiry.